Allt är gratis / Everything is (for) free

Installation, 0.8 x 9 m, material: masonite, wood, rebar, nails, white wall paint. 2009

The work consists of a text, 80 cm in height, located in a grassy slope at ÖverskottsBolaget's parking lot in Skogsby outside Färjestaden, facing the entrance of the store. Allt är gratis is swedish for everything is free, or everything is for free.

A message from private to public ground

The map shows the area's division into private and public ground. The grassy slope, marked red, is located between an area including residential houses, and the ÖB parking lot.

One might ask who a piece of land "belongs" to in a broader sense. According to me it's those who move in or through the area. In this case, ÖB’s visitors. I wanted to offer them something, as a cure for the site's inherent dejection.