Jeg har hatt en rar følelse / I’ve had a strange feeling

Installation, material: text cut out of vinyl film. 2015

Text cut out of vinyl film, attached directly to the walls around a gallery. For example:

My hands have trembled   0   1   2   3
I've had a strange feeling that things are unreal   0   1   2   3
I understand when my friends need to be comforted   (yes)   (no)
Some people experience to be in a place without knowing how they got here.
0%     10%    20%    30%    40%    50%    60%    70%    80%    90%    100%

The statements are drawn from questionnaires, that are used to detect depression, dissociation (which can occur after psychological trauma) and neuropsychiatric disorders (ADHD, Asperger's syndrome, etc.). Taken out of context, these statements can be read on a poetic or philosophical level.